Powder-coated steel racks support PoS

Having completely redesigned their PoS last year, another of our customers has now asked us to expand their product line with new display racks aimed at smaller outlets and workshops.

Once we knew which products would be housed in the wall-mounted rack, we were able to calculate the weight and physical dimensions that would take the varying size of items. However, with two differently sized racks required, we had to over-spec the smaller version in favour of the larger one, so allowing us to use the same materials and design on both, and giving us optimum cost-effectiveness since just a 3% sheet skeleton remained after punching the parts.

We chose powder-coated steel material for the job, utilizing our new phoswash system to avoid the need for more expensive zintec or galvanised sheet - and after submitting DRGs for approval and various prototypes, we produced a small batch for inclusion in international trade shows in Holland and the UK.

Both sizes of racks are currently in full production, with completely boxed products - including instructions, stickers and even fixing screws – now being shipped to our customer’s distribution hub.

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