Fire Rated Ductwork

BS5588-9, clause requires that, for fire rating ductwork:
The fire resistance of the ductwork, when tested from either side, should not be less than the fire resistance required for the elements of construction in the area through which it passes.

At AMTec we can offer two types of Fire rated ductwork to suit not only your application but also your budget.

In both cases the duct is manufactured in a similar way to ordinary ventilation ductwork using pre- galvanized sheet steel.

Option 1 is pre-treated prior to delivery to site with a proprietary coating with an in-tumescent and fire protective coating. Installation is then carried out with an in-tumescent tape seal, to provide a fire resistant and pressure resistant seal, which will enable the duct to be tested up to Class C pressure classification if required. The seal is manufactured by a Fire rated company and has been successfully tested to seal the flanges in a 4-hour fire test.

Option 2 is a fire rated Fibre insulated slab which has not only been tested by BRE LPC in accordance with BS 476-24 but also has insulation properties. This can give ½, 1, 11/2 and 2 hour protection depending on your requirements. This is secured to the outside of the ductwork with specifically positioned pins. The duct is then completed with the joints being bonded with a special glue.

The simplicity & flexibility of fixing options using this method ensures rapid and reliable insulation to both vertical & horizontal systems. The slab is supplied with an aluminium reinforced foil face giving the complete duct a multi-role insulation of fire, acoustic and thermal.

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