Case Studies

Sheet Metal Works -  Case Study 1

At AMTec Ltd. we pride ourselves in providing bespoke engineering solutions for our clients. Our belief in working as a partnership enables us to help resolve complex issues.

An existing customer of ours was recently facing commercial pressures when the particular product they were making was developed by a competitor in the Middle East using plastics as opposed to metals. Price was part of the equation, but the key issue was the more pleasant aesthetic appeal of the plastic product.

We highlighted the fact that the steel units had more rigidity and effectively a longer life span, but the sticking point was to produce a square cornered steel enclosure with a smooth and clear finish.

We purchased some specially formed brake tooling, but were still left with the headache of forming a double radius on the enclosure lid. The product looked fabricated, would be expensive to manufacture and we were not 100% happy with the end finish due to the amount of welding required.

With a solutions-focused approach we contacted a company in Switzerland who manufactured a machine that could produce the form we required. After many prototypes, test pieces and further expenditure on tooling, we took delivery of the machine and were in production within two months of the initial client meeting.

Not only does the new machine cut out the welding operation, it also cut out the fettling operation. The outcome has been for us to deliver a unit to the customer at no extra cost to the previously manufactured unit, and they have kept ahead of their competitors on price and quality.

Sheet Metal Works -  Case Study 2

We were approached by a local company who was commissioning the manufacture of large fan enclosures elsewhere. The company had been experiencing difficulties in attaining a consistent paint finish on the inside of the units due to their size and complexity.

Quality control had been causing them some difficulty, with corrosion appearing on some units, plus an additional safety requirement to produce the enclosures with an Electro Static Discharge (ESD) finish which helps stop potential earthing via the unit to the operator.

At AMTec Ltd. we worked closely with the engineers to formulate a modular method of manufacture. This ensured a consistent 60/80 micron finish throughout the unit when painted. The unit is then assembled using coated fixings. We have also used a series of sheet metal joints in areas where they could not be mechanically fixed enabling the structure to be more rigid than originally predicted.

With the paint finish being a crucial element in the manufacturing process, we worked closely with a German paint manufacturer to ensure we had the finish and thickness to suit the client’s specifications.

We now keep the imported paint powder as a stock item, with the units in full production and being shipped across the globe.

Our customer is delighted with the resulting product. He has greater confidence and can supply the units knowing that previous quality issues have been fully eradicated.

Project Solutions -  Case Study 1

Providing bespoke metal work solutions is part of the AMTec Ltd. commitment to customer service.

Taking a project-by-project approach the AMTec team always seek to deliver a quality product and flexible, professional service.

This can be demonstrated with a project we recently completed for JP Morgan at their site in Bournemouth. Due to a restructure within the bank, their file & data centre was being relocated which resulted in the requirement to move and extend the ventilation and services.

Due to the sensitivity of the project, the main contractor was seeking a local partner company to manage the installation of the duct and pipe work systems, but the work had to be conducted out of normal office working hours. The project also had a strict time deadline of three months from start to finish.

Working closely with our raw material suppliers, we established a split shift for the manufacture in our workshops, and used AMTec employed fitters who provided flexibility on the install.

The result meant we could supply on time, split deliveries to the site at specific times, not only for sheet metal but for consumables. We kept a constant flow of duct ready at all times, and offered an off-site storage facility which enabled easy access for other service providers, keeping the project running smoothly.

The project was completed on time & within budget. The main contractor and JP Morgan were delighted with the completed project and we were also able to supply OEM’s for the kit we installed along with fully updated install Drawings to JP Morgan’s specification.

Project Solutions -  Case Study 2

AMTec Ltd. was delighted to be chosen as a supplier to the John Lewis Partnership during their move to their new store at Branksome, Poole.

Due to the construction of the building, they were seeking a special supply duct to run front to back of the main showroom. The two main factors were that the headroom was restricted, and they did not want a galvanized tube.

Our design team set about producing the concept of a flat oval duct, with a series of grilles, with a specialist paint finish that would be more visually and aesthetically appealing.  We designed an internal frame which ensured the duct would not collapse under the weight when hung, and designed hidden overlap joints which could not be seen from below and gave ease of fitting on site.

Working with a local insulation company, we manufactured the duct using a combination of materials that would withstand the heat of the powder coating oven at 180 degrees.

The AMTec team were proud to solve the ducting issues – giving John Lewis the perfect solution, on time and on budget.

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